Monday, August 6, 2012

There Is Little to Say - a poem

There is little to say.
Little to offer.
Little more to think.

Either we love all.
Or we cannot love at all.

The struggle to be fair.
Begins with God.
Who blesses with abundance.
To see what we shall we do with it.

Will we claim it as our own?
How foolish.
Or see it as a gift.
And a tool.
How wise.
How godly.

To improve the lot of others.
And quit asking why -
Others should be in need.
And quit blaming them.
While secretly congratulating ourselves.

Our shit stinks alike.
Body oder is common to all.
Frailty and tears belong to the powerful, too.
And death comes to all.

So quite bashing the poor.
Quit bragging about your power.
You don't have it.
It's not yours.
Never, ever, ever, never.

Just grow up and be kind.
Give like crazy.
Enjoy what's yours.
And share the rest.
Because very little is yours.
It's all a gift.

August 6, 2012
Tom Eggebeen

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