Saturday, July 28, 2012

Funeral Poem: "His Heart Stopped"

His heart stopped.
This brave heart.
Strong and resilient.
Said in the early morning hours.
To him:
Our work is done.
The race is won.
We've crossed the finish line.
Now take a rest m'boy.
Take a rest.
Enjoy some time off.
This brave man who worked so hard.
Who loved so much.
Who made things with his hands.
And told stories to hold everyone's attention.
Who wheeled around and put ---- on his lap.
The best seat in church, it was said.
A father.
A husband.
A human being.
The world is better because of him.
And today, we cry because it's over.
But we smile because it was.
A good life.
A good man.
A brave heart.
Now at rest.

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Pasgarvey said...

Your poem, Tom? It's moving.