Thursday, November 17, 2011

A God-Moment

Out walking one morning, I greeted fellow-walkers as I usually do, with hands held together and a “Good Morning” and a nod of my head. Nearing home, I was thinking about this, and why I do it, and the story, many years earlier, that triggered my decision to greet people in this manner.

As I was thinking about the story, a mother and her small daughter, dressed in crisp white blouse and school-uniform blue plaid skirt, were stepping down their driveway toward the sidewalk, so I turned to them, with hands held together and greeted them. I continued on my way, and then heard the little girl say, “Mommy, why did he hold his hands that way when he saw us?”

Who could resist the moment?

I turned around and asked if I may tell my little story about why I greet folks that way, and Mom said “Sure!” with her little girl hiding behind her.

I began by saying, “I’m a Christian,” and she replied, “So am I,” and with that, I shared the story. 

And, here it is for you, the reader.

Some years ago, I read an article about a Buddhist retreat center. One of the students, while out on a stroll in the gardens, met the Buddhist leader who bowed with hands held together in greeting. The student asked why such a greeting. The leader replied, “Because I see God in you.”

Then and there, I vowed to greet people in a similar fashion, with hands held together prayerfully, in recognition of God in everyone.

I said to the mother, “I see God in you and in your daughter.”

So, should it be for all of us - to see God in everyone. Even in the wrecks of humanity, shreds of the divine yet exist. 

So, greetings to you, dear reader, my hands held together, because I see God in you!