Monday, August 27, 2012

This World IS My Home ...

When anyone has to sing, "This world is not my home," something is terribly wrong. Not with the singer, but with others who have allowed conditions to grow so bad that someone can only see hope in a way out. 

God intended that everyone sing, "This world is my home" ... and the saints with God, under the altar, wait for the day of resurrection, so they can go home again, where they belong - a new earth, with heaven and earth bonded together in the new creation, heralded by Jesus and his resurrection. He goes away, but only for a time, and will come again. Jerusalem comes down from safekeeping to be with us, here in our world. 

This world is our home, as God intended. Let us strive with all our might to make it so for everyone, all of God's creatures, great and small.

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