Wednesday, July 27, 2016

True Blue

It was the Presidential Election of 1968, my second year in Western Theological Seminary, that D and I registered for the first time to vote.

We came from GOP families, I mean, GOP families, most of whom are still GOP.

We registered as Dems.

A few years later, after a stint in the coal fields of West Virginia, D and I were in Altoona, and I had prayer for the local Democratic group and said to them, before the prayer, that "I am a Democrat, because the Democratic Party has a clear and consistent record on behalf of people - and that all of this is consistent with my Christian Faith."

D and I have never looked back, but only forward. D's score is perfect; mine?

In 1980, in some fit of bi-partisan foolishness, I cast my vote for Reagan, something that has shamed me ever since.

With that exception, I'm Blue ... True Blue, all the way, because I believe in helping people, in doing everything, anything, to make life better.

And I believe in people ... people want a shot at life, a chance; people want to love and be loved; to have families and rear their children in peace; to eat pizza and have a vacation now and then; they want good schools and good jobs, and then come to retirement with confidence that there'll be enough to make it.

I believe in people, and I believe in God, and those two beliefs are pretty much the same ...

And I'm Blue to the core ...

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Anonymous said...

I just read this and tho't about my own voting history. It has been checkered but since 1992, it has been "Solid Blue". Yeah, I voted for Nixon (twice), Reagan (twice), and once for Bush#1. I was a bit naive when I first came out as a "Democrat". I tho't that people would understand. Esp. my evangelical friends. Sheesh! That was an eye opener. They equated Xtianity w/ the GOP. They declared that I had been conned by the "Dark Side". In 1996, I was recruited by the Dems to run for State Rep.If announcing that I was a Dem was bad,running for office was much worse....and declaring that I was a disabled Viet-Nam vet and opposed to W's invasion of Iraq sealed my fate. That was a double whammy-"Un-Patriotic and anti-Xtian"!..I had committed the "unpardonable sin". Whether black, white, gay, straight, Christian, or not, I believe that we are all G-d's children. I am sure as hell not in a position to judge, even tho' some of my evangelical acquaintences think that they are. LOL!