Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today, All Kinds of Decisions

Today, all kinds of decisions, mostly small.
But everyone of them will involve someone else's wellbeing.

We live in a vast network, mostly unnoticed.
But maybe today, we can pay closer attention.

Who knows who or what we'll see?
Who knows how that will affect our decisions?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

God at Work in All Things ...

God is at work in ALL things for good.

All is a big word, isn't it?

Big enough to cover all of it.

It wouldn't do us much good if we said, "some" - God is at work in "some" things.

We'd be forever trying to figure "some" out, and never sure if "this moment" was one of those things in which God was at work.

All is a big word, because God is big, and so is God's love!

So, whatever life throws at us, whatever comes along, God is there ... we don't always know how, but we know for sure, that God is at work, in ALL things, for good!

So be of good cheer, and trust the outcome! God's hand is in it, and God's hand is good.