Wednesday, September 14, 2016

World with End

I found myself thinking the other day.
Yes, I know, a real surprise. Ha.

Thinking about the edge of the "known" universe.
7 ... 8 billion light years away?

And then what?

Beyond that?

More space?



World without end?

In my mind's eye, I have a sense of something going there, and then, on and on and on ... and then more ...

Words with specificity suddenly crash in on me.

I need definition, mostly, I guess ... it's so far, and then no more.
It's this long, wide, high, deep.

For a moment, it's as if I grasp it.
And, then, it's gone.

My mind reaches beyond.
And then finds a wall, of sorts.
The end ...

Not of the universe, whatever that is.
But the end of my mind.
A mind of boundaries.
Additions and subtractions.

Oh well ...
It intrigues me.
Can there be anything without end?
Then it can't be anything.
Any thing.

It's some thing ... more.
Than any thing.

I have an idea.
And then I don't.

World without end.