Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spiritual Habits - Spiritual Reading

Hat’s off to our Session for a thoughtful and honest review of “Spiritual Habits for Presbyterian Elders.”

Because there is a deep and direct link between our spiritual habits and the life we lead in the world.

Among various spiritual habits, the following are vital:

1. Christian Books for soul-nourishment and skill-enhancement.
2. Scripture Discipline.
3. Prayer Habits
4. Small Group Fellowship
5. Service to Others
6. Corporate Worship
We decided that #5 is the easiest and a likely substitute for the others. We noted that more work is needed for #4. #6 is bottom-line!

Regarding #2, we just concluded a well-attended, three-week Lenten experience entitled, “How to Read the Bible Successfully.”

For #3, we will begin an April four-week experience entitled, “Forty Days of Prayer” – a simple and basic prayer discipline for everyone! See sign-ups in this week’s bulletin.

Christian reading: I recommend:
- Anything by Thomas Merton – Roman Catholic.
- Anything by John Ortberg, a pastor at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.
- Anything by Rob Bell & Bill Hybels (progressive Evangelicals).
- Anything by N. T. Wright – Anglican Bishop.
- Krista Tippett’s new book: Speaking of Faith – progressive mainline.
- Anything by Frederick Buechner – progressive mainline

Additionally, I like Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer (Evangelical) – both offer an abundance of insights into Scripture, the grace of God, and what it means to follow Jesus. Charles Stanley (Evangelical) can also be read with much profit.

Books by Dallas Willard (Ethics) and John Piper (traditional Reformed theology) will put some meat on your bones.

For elders and deacons, anything published by the Alban Institute (Google them).

But remember, it’s not quantity but quality. One book, well-read, carefully chewed upon and thoroughly digested, will yield great results.

If you want to improve your SQ (Spirituality Quotient) and need a little help, give me jingle, stop by or email me.

Stay with it, keep on growing, keep your eyes on Jesus, and I’ll see ya’ in the LORD's House this coming Sunday.