Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look At the Audience

Trying to follow
In the footsteps
Of the masters,

But it’s a lot harder
Than it looks because
Even though they had
The same size feet
As us, they weren’t
Looking down
The whole time,
While they walked
To make sure
They were
Doing it right

(From Brian Andres, Traveling Light)

When my daughter, Rachel, was in dance, we’d go to the recitals. I was fascinated to see which dancers looked at the audience and who looked at the other dancers.

Those who looked at the other dancers were always a few beats behind, waiting on others for their cue. But those who looked at the audience stayed on tempo. They didn’t worry about how others were doing it; they just did it!

It’s so much easier to do life without looking right or left to see what others are doing. Getting our cues from others puts us a few beats off tempo.

Comparison is risky: we can find folks with less money then we have and those with more. We can find folks with unkempt appearance and those with killer looks. Folks who weigh more and folks who weigh less. Comparison is risky. And we’re always a few beats off tempo.

So, keep your eyes on the audience, and the audience is none other than the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and all of heaven’s angels.

And their conclusion at the end of the evening? “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Dance your heart out. And keep your eyes on Jesus!