Monday, March 17, 2008

The Place Within

At the center of every life is a place pure and beautiful, untouched by sin or sorrow, yet shaped and conditioned by both, a place wherein God dwells, found in every human being, a portal to heaven, and a passageway to every other human being.

Every prayer nurtures this place – every act of kindness enlarges it – every intention to do good, every vow of faith made, every piece of Scripture read, every pilgrimage to worship, every moment of sacrifice, and every sigh yearning for God sustains this remarkable place.

Created by God, this place is the center of our life. Here is where our humanity is made, the high mountains from whence flows pure love. Every time we enter this place, but for a moment, we enter into the presence of God.

Be of good cheer in your journey … this place of beauty and purity is established and defended by Christ your LORD. No enemy enters therein; no hatred, no fear; no guilt, no anger. Only peace and goodness; your real and eternal self.

It’s your place, given to you by God … trust it, and every time you look upon a human being with charity, every time you forgive, every time you say the name, Jesus, you visit the sacred place within.