Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stress Relief

Stress relief … anyone interested?

Stress is life … Adam and Eve were stressed, so was Abraham and Sarah … so was Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Is there a pattern here?

Of course … it’s all about clear-headed choices for God.

Adam and Eve were confronted with a choice for the self. So was Abraham and Sarah, and so was Jesus in the Garden when He prayed, “Father, is there some other way?”

But in the end, Jesus says, “Not my will be done, but yours.”

A firm and clear decision for God and God’s Kingdom.

All of my ministry, I’ve heard 10 million reasons why someone can’t do something like Bible study, prayer groups, teach Sunday School, or attend worship regularly – it all comes down to the same thing: “I’m too busy!”

And hell’s cheering is deafening!

“Seek first the kingdom of God,” said Jesus, “and life’s other concerns fall into place.” God knows our need for bread and clothing and will provide, but anxiety compels us to make them our priority, turning it all into dust, leaving us in a heap of stress.

Jesus wants us involved in the world, of course! How else can we be “the light of the world” or “the salt of the earth”? But involved with clear intent, bringing to our work and schools a vital spiritual energy growing out of “first things first.”

Give it some thought. Give it some prayer.

Stress comes from completing loyalties. Peace comes from a clear-headed commitment to Christ!