Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unhinged Christians

This morning's lectionary included Acts 4.13-31 ...
about "uneducated and ordinary men" speaking with "boldness."

And then the rulers, leaders, etc..
Who decide that shutting them up is a good idea.

But no way were the disciples going to cease and desist.
Then and there, they knew who
Their enemies were.

I read this lection with uneasiness.
Thinking of Cruz and the Iowa Homeschoolers.
Knowing full-well who "our enemies are."

As I read the passage, the word "boldness"
Left me flat.
And sad.

How in the hands of some,
A reading like this is dynamite.
License to lift up a little more bigotry.

I thought of those Iowa Christians.
Cheering and roaring.
With Boldness.

Glorying in their "oppressed" status.
Despising their enemies who wish to quiet them.
All the more determined to rid the world of LGBTQ persons.

A passage like this is dangerous.
It encourages the unhinged.
Who never seem to have a question about Boldness.

And heaven knows religious history is full of the:
Bold and the

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