Wednesday, January 16, 2008

People Are Amazing

People are amazing … time and again, I have witnessed folks knocked to the ground by difficulties and sorrows impossible to describe.

Like getting kicked in the stomach … the diaphragm is momentarily paralyzed, and one can only lay on the ground gasping, wondering if normal breathing will ever return.

Yet in a few moments, the diaphragm recovers, and I’ve watched so many incredible people, knocked down and gasping for breath, crawl through tragedy and make it out the other side.

Has life changed for them? Absolutely. Does sorrow linger? You bet. But the soul is resilient because God made it that way. Not a rock, not a chunk of steel, but soft and tender to feel the blows of life, as Jesus did. To be human is to be frail, subject to the ill winds of a storm. But also, to be incredibly strong and durable.

You will make it. Because of the way God created you.

Satan would have us believe otherwise. The original lie: “You’re not up to it. God slipped up. So pick the fruit.” We often believe that lie, don’t we? But it’s just a lie, and not worth considering.

I believe in people, because I believe in God.

And I’ve seen enough to know that what I believe is right and good. People are gifted and creative, strong and faithful, loving and kind, able to endure intense pain and enormous disappointment, only to make it through, come out the other side with wisdom, a deeper faith, a greater love for God and for others, and a whole new appreciation of who they are and what they can do.

You are an incredible creation of God!