Saturday, December 3, 2016

Advent - Stand On Our Heads

Advent is perfect for our times.
It says, "Just wait."
Some, of course, wanted big times and fanfare.
But such was not the case.

A child, a manger, refugee status.
There's never a welcome for such love.
Such love disgusts the rich and the powerful.
The mean and the proud.

And especially the religious.
Oh, how the religious love to be religious.
They sing "Joy to the World" with tears in their eyes.
And pat themselves on the back.

They give to charity, yes they do.
And "those people" who receive the alms.
Better damn well shape up.
Or ship out.

Advent says, "Wait."
But there's a strong and strange power in:
That kind of waiting.
That kind of wanting.

Advent turns the world upside down.
And perhaps to see God a little more clearly.
We'd do well to stand on our heads.
To see what God sees.

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