Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good Night!

I'm tired.
Of Drump.
Of the GOP.
Of the deceit and lies.

I feel for the people,
Who signed on with him.
The angry folks.
The bigots who thought they had a chance.

Yes, I feel sorry for them.
They've been fooled.

How it must hurt.
Betrayed again.
Betrayed by the American Dream.
Betrayed now by their Savior.

They're so angry.
So angry.
So angry.
So, so angry.

They need someone who can offer hope.
Who can address their needs.
For health care.
For jobs.

For hope.
Hope is the piece.
Hope is the power.
Hope can be an illusion.

But it can also be life.
With hope, things happen.
With hope, people stay the course.
With hope, folks can handle anything.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of Drump.
Of Pence.
Of the GOP.

Is Hillary perfect?
Is she the savior?
Is she the new Madonna?
The new Mary?

Get off of it.
Don't be silly.
She's a politician.
But she's my politician.

She's knows how it works.
She knows how to play the game.
She knows who the players are.
She knows how to tap the power.

Is that bad?
Does that disqualify her?
Has she made mistakes?
Who hasn't?

But she's got a heart for children.
For women.
For the elderly.
For the people.

She knows the world.
As few of us do.
She's been in the eye of the needle.
She knows how it threads.

Anyway, it's been a long, long, day.
The news is painful.
The American Saga sad.
But I'm hopeful.

Why not?
Hope is my life.
Hope is my blood.
Hope is my DNA.

Why not?
I can't help myself.
Hope is what I am
And I'm glad about that.

Good night.

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