Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tyranny of Time

Time, you dastardly thief ... You take everything from me: Time, friends, family, life.
Time, you dastardly thief ... who are you? What are you?
History, Time, movement, ticks of the clock, turns of the calendar.
The enemy of all that’s me.
But what can I do?
One of these days, the last breath.
For me, okay.
But I don’t like it.
Death is a pisser.
Time, the thief.
I wish it were different.
But what would that mean?
So it is.
Time, takes away everything.
And shit stinks.
But who knows for sure.
If I lived more than a lifetime.
Then what?
And so it goes.
To God be the glory.
And I mean it ... if there is a god, and to this god I belong.
Then, so what?
I’m flesh.
I’m mortal.
I’m dust.
It can’t be any other way.
Can it?
Oh well.
Ho well.
To the end.
The last.
No more.