Sunday, July 12, 2015

Why We Do What We Do

Most of us do what we do most of the time because of hope.
Hope that good work, and works that are good, make a difference.
Even a small difference.

What's good you ask?

Most of the time that's an easy question.
Good unto others is not rocket science.

What is it that makes life for good for us?
Would that not also qualify for goodness in most any other place?

Even when we're greedy, angry, bitter.
Something good still swirls around in the mess.

Maybe there are some who feel nothing good for anyone.
They're only a blind mass of desire.

But most of us, I think, know what's good.
And the heart often leads first.
Why not?

So we do what we do most of the time.
Maybe like Micah:
We do justice ... love kindness ... walk humbly with God.

Sometimes that gets complicated.
We know that.
But let's not complicate things too early.

Most of the time, we know what justice is.
The provision of safety for another.
The open door, the open arms, welcome and affirmation.

We know what kindness is ... a further element in love.
We know what humility is, too.
Though it often galls us. Ha.

We know these things.
From our very DNA, it would seem.
In all cultures and forms.

That's why we do what we do most of the time ... because of hope.