Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two Kinds of Knowledge

How does one know anything?

That's a great mystery, actually.
One for philosophers and theologians.

I guess for some, it's rather clear.
If I know how to drill a well,
I get oil.
That's what might be called "controlling knowledge."

If, on the other hand, I love someone.
And want to know them.
They remain elusive.
I can't drill into them.
I can't extract anything.

I can know them only
By receiving them.
Into my life.
It's called "receiving knowledge."

The former requires distance.
Even coolness.
A sense of overcoming.
To study and ascertain.
To conquer in the controlling.
To make something.

The latter needs closeness.
Trust and desire.
A willingness to surrender.
To ponder and enjoy.
To give in the receiving.
To love someone.

Woe to the one who confuse
These two kinds of knowledge.

Who hasn't tried the former when
The latter was needed?

Who hasn't regretted
All that was lost
When the control
Blew up?

But blessed are those who receive.
Who surrender.
To know the unknowable:
The Mystery of it all.
The life and wonder:
Of a lover.
A child in one's arms.
A friend across the table.
A stranger who really isn't a stranger at all.
Even God, for that matter.

Who cannot be controlled.
But only received.

"Here I am, LORD,
Said Mary!
And so it was!

A receiving knowledge,
Her glory.
"Blessed are you among women.
And blessed is the fruit of your womb."

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