Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Past

The Past ...

Is always present.
Always there.
Though perhaps forgotten.

But easily recalled.
Sometimes too easily.
Sometimes wantonly.

Pays to visit the past.
Now and then.
Things to be learned there.

But it makes no sense
To live there.
It's but a dream.

A scattering of:
old friends
dear friends
enemies, or so we think,
and maybe they were.

And they wounded us.
Maybe because we were stupid.
Maybe because they were mean.

Maybe we needed a good
Maybe they had an angry leg.

Whatever ...
Pays to remember
now and then.

But it pays to
keep the visit

God be with ya'.
Take care.

So long, it's been good to know ya'
Or maybe not.
Good riddance.

And off we go.
To the present.
To what's good and what ain't.

And even the future.
In bits and pieces.
A move here or there.

And time moves along.
And it's good thing
To tag along for the ride.

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