Saturday, December 29, 2012

At the End of Our Life

At the end of our life,
we're likely to hear 
one or the other,
or both:

Well done good and faithful servant.


Come on in.
I see that you've had a rough time of it.

At the end of our life.
Something good and kind awaits.

Death is hard.
Always will be.
And harder for some.

And maybe there's nothing
At the end.
Could be.

But there's a piece of me that yearns
For a welcome home sort of word.
At the end of the game.
When the doors of life are shut.
Lights turned off.
Good Night Irene, Good Night.

A light.
A nightlight?
I don't know.

Jesus hints at it.
I like his hints.

Paul believes in it.
I like his faith.

At the end.

If nothing, then nothing.
If something, then good.
If good, then God.

Well done ...

Come on in ...

Welcome ...

© Tom Eggebeen, December 29, 2012

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