Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abortion as "Child Abuse"?

From my good FB friend Craig Hexham:

He writes:

Driving home from work today, came across a billboard paid for by Michigan "Right to Life" [sic]. It stated, "Abortion: the ultimate child abuse." 

Struck me as odd. How about the two year old who experiences weeks and months of abuse--burns, hits, pinches, and neglect, before finally being dashed to death against the living room wall? 

How about the four year old who, in imitation of his policeman father, gets the gun while dad's not looking and kills himself? 

How about the six year old who's repeatedly sexually molested by her grandfather? 

How about the ten year old with medical problems who is stuffed upside down in a trash can at school by his peers because he is small and wears leg braces? 

How about the fifteen year old who is wanted by neither parent when they divorce? 

How about the seventeen year old with skittles and iced tea who is terrorized by a maniac with a firearm? 

How about the eighteen year old who's told he's a man when he's killed his first "enemy combatant? 

...and these are just the ones from the last few days news. I haven't gotten started about the kids in other countries who aren't as "lucky" as the ones I've already mentioned.

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