Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Believe

 A Confession of Faith written for August 23, 2009

© The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Eggebeen, Los Angeles, CA

We believe:
That heaven and earth are created and
Sustained by God’s unfailing love.
That life is sacred and all creatures, great and small, are
Precious in the sight of their creator.
We believe that sin emerged and took hold in the human heart.
Something dark and deadly.
A relentless self-interest.
Blinding us to God and dividing humanity against itself.
We believe that God is at work to undo the power of sin.
To set things right and make all things new.
We believe that God’s love is universal and unconditional.
That God is determined:
To save all of creation;
To stand against death in all its many forms;
Until death is no more.
We believe there is a wideness in God’s mercy, greater than our greatest dreams,
And brighter than our highest hopes!
We believe that Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us.
That Jesus is the eternally begotten Son of God.
That his cradle and cross set the pace of our faith.
It is Jesus who invites to:
Follow him and learn his ways.
To help women and men know their true identity and live in peace with one another.
We are grateful:
For our calling in Christ.
Our baptism and the LORD's Table.
The Holy Spirit.
The love of God.
The saints who’ve gone before and live in the pure light of Christ.
And for the Bible that tells us so.
These are some of the things we believe and live.
For the glory of God, now and forever more.
Amen and Amen!

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