Friday, May 8, 2009

Her Nose Is Working

I am amazed at Connie Culp, the lady with the face transplant … there’s something incredibly beautiful in her spirit, and how she can laugh – there’s delight in her soul.

In an interview this morning, she said, “I could smell my face soup” – for the first time in five years, she could smell – her nose was working!

I don’t know her at all, but what shows through in these interviews is something profound … what would you call it?

She forgives her husband who shot her. 

I wonder … am I capable of such grace?

Maybe we all are! 

I think there is something incredible in us … call it the image of God … call it what you will, but it’s there, in all of us.

I think I’ll be very careful today to try to find that grace in my life.

How about you?



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Stushie said...

She is a remarkable lady and has shown a lot of courage, grace, and faith.