Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent 1

By the Rev. Robert C. Orr ...

Cast of characters Luke 1 and 2 -- Advent I

Luke, Theophilus, Herod, Zachariah, Elizabeth, Angel, Gabriel, Joseph, Mary, Caesar Augustus, sheep herders, baby Jesus, angelic choir, Simeon, Anna, teachers (in the Temple) and Jesus (age 12).

Is this a list of the usual suspects
or is this the most improbable
mix of humanity and divinity
ever to be mixed up?
a bit of this, a bit of that--
a touch of sheep, a taste of hay
an angel startling with a greeting
a prince with throne encountering--
a power greater than all thrones
a helpless baby
a helpless humanity
all searching
all looking
do we look East?
do we look West?
in our heart of hearts?
is there room?
are we able to open the door
to let Him in?
wait and see
wait and try

© The Rev. Robert C. Orr

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Anonymous said...

I only wish I read this at the beginning of the season instead of the end. It is beautiful. Bob, I still think of your writing on Sunflowers as one of the best. You are such a great writer - maybe you should write a collection of your beautiful thoughts.

Best wishes for the New Year,
Pat Baker