Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stop, Look & Listen

In the third and fourth centuries, monasticism emerged in the deserts of Egypt, folks who sought God in the solitude of the sands, who practiced and struggled with the disciplines of prayer and reflection.

The desert fathers reminded one another: “Stay in your cell, and your cell with teach you everything.”

Here’s a lesson for me: be nowhere else but where I am.

Because God is there, and if I look, if I wait, if I honor God with patience and trust, God is likely to disclose Himself to me, right where I am.

God’s promise is profound: to be with us always, and to be at work in all things for good.

Who doesn’t wish to be somewhere else … but the ancients remind us: We don’t have to be anywhere else to find God finding us! Think small, think local, think within the confines of your life – be it a hospital bed, a nursing home, or a difficult job - there you will find God abundantly, if you but stop, look and listen! Jesus my LORD!

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